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GRAB & DAB OFFICIAL the popularity of Grab and Dab Disposable among vaping enthusiasts is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why! These cutting-edge products combine the convenience of disposable vape cartridges with the efficiency and robustness of a pressurized delivery system. The result? An unmatched enhancement in flavor and vapor production compared to conventional disposable cartridges. Plus, they’re user-friendly and low maintenance, making them the perfect choice for vaping beginners. Grab and Dab Official got you.

With GRAB & DAB DISPOSABLES, you can enjoy your favorite flavors without any complications or worries. Designed specifically for vapes, our disposables ensure a superior vaping experience from start to finish. Say goodbye to flavor deterioration and overly terpene-rich cartridges that induce sneezing. It’s simply pure, potent delight in a convenient package!


Grab and dab diamond infused disposable vape pen, the essence of convenience and discretion, is a complete electronic vaporizer that efficiently heats up oils and concentrates. Its distinctive feature is its disposability once its life cycle is complete. The appeal of the disposable vape pens lies in their simplicity: vape, enjoy the experience, and discard responsibly. Unlike conventional vape pens requiring only a cartridge replacement, these disposables include a cartridge that’s also discardable. Each device comes equipped with a pre-charged battery that signals when it’s time to retire the pen. While some models arrive pre-filled with oils or concentrates, others are sold empty, ready to be filled post-purchase.

How those Grab & Dab work?

Dab pens, like GRAB & DAB DIAMOND INFUSED DISPOSABLES, primarily operate through a process known as conduction heating. A user introduces a “dab” or a denser concentrate into a compartment that comes into contact with a ceramic coil or heating device. This coil, housed within the dab pen, rises in temperature, transforming the concentrate into a vapor suitable for inhalation. Dab pens have the capacity to reach soaring temperatures, peaking at 700 degrees Fahrenheit, to vaporize the wax or concentrate. Over the past few years, advancements have been made to ensure the heating element within the dab pen does not harm the concentrate or modify the flavor. Ceramic heating components, for instance, distribute heat evenly across the dab, gradually unlocking its terpenes and flavors.

Where to buy Grab and Dab Diamond Infused Disposables

A myriad of outlets offer disposable vape pens at wholesale rates, but none can compete with our bulk pricing. Sure, platforms like Amazon and eBay may carry the essentials, but can they accommodate the extensive needs of large-scale retailers or manufacturers like us? You're in luck if you're searching for disposables in wholesale: our online collection boasts an impressive variety of disposable cartridge pens. The range can be almost overwhelming, with so many top-notch options. While there are numerous retailers offering everything from vape batteries to mouthpieces, none can rival our wholesale prices. Our wholesale pricing for disposable vape pens is unmatched. 

Advantages of Grab and Dab Disposable

Grab and Dab disposable is incredibly portable, and that is one of the reasons it is gaining popularity among cannabis users. It doesn't require a rig, a dab tool, or any heating element, making it easy to travel with, especially if you are always on the move. It's small, compact, and can comfortably fit into your pocket, making it incredibly easy to use wherever you are.

Dabbing is a popular method of consuming cannabis concentrates, mainly because it is effective and requires a small amount to get you high. However, it's not always the most convenient: it requires a lot of time and preparation, from heating the rig, selecting the perfect dab, and having a heat-resistant surface to place your rig down on. But with Grab and Dab disposable, you can get the benefits of dabbing without any hassle. They are pre-filled and activated, allowing you to dab effectively, quickly, and effortlessly.

If you're someone who wants to smoke without attracting unwanted attention, Grab and Dab disposable is your best bet. It produces little smoke, and the vapor produced by Grab and Dab disposable is discreet and doesn't stick around for too long. You can easily take a puff without worrying about smelling like cannabis, making it a great option when you're on the go.


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